A short while ago, something strange happened to me.
I couldn't explain it at first, but it was strange and scary.
I wanted to keep a record of this weirdness, in case anyone could help me, so I needed somewhere
to keep a log of it.

On my travels, I have met many people, some with the same goals, some with the same new
powers, and some with different ones.

Finding the key to these powers, has always been my number one priority,well ok, number two,
number one, has been to stay alive, and by any means.
If that has mean't working for one group to fight against another, then so be it.

Finding solutions to problems, has been a bit hard at times, so I thought it would be a good idea,
to have somewhere to keep this information, for fellow travellers.

We are all basically in the same boat, fighting for survival, against societies with more power,
more plans, more money, and more followers, than any of us could have initially imagined.

Welcome to the Last Resistance, helping you, helping us, helping them, to get through this, by
"keeping an eye on society".

- Michael Brown